Sustainability, Energy Performance and Indoor Air Quality

PR&A offers several services to optimize the sustainability, energy performance and indoor air quality of buildings. These services include the following:

“Quick Look” Sustainability Review: We can perform preliminary observations of readily available and accessible facility systems and features which affect the existing sustainability of property. This review can identify opportunities to pursue a sustainability certification or potential cost savings from energy efficiency, utility savings, or operational improvements.

LEED Consulting: The LEED® Green Building Rating System is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for high-performance, sustainable buildings developed by the USGBC. We provide multiple levels of comprehensive consulting services to guide our clients through the process of achieving LEED® certification and help a building receive the maximum benefit from a sustainability investment.

Energy Star® Energy Benchmarking: Benchmarking or comparing a building’s annual per-square-foot energy consumption to that of other buildings can be a useful initial measure of energy efficiency and is an important first step to understanding energy usage and savings potential. This benchmarking process provides a valuable comparison of the building’s energy usage to similar buildings.

ASHRAE Energy Audits: We can perform any of the three levels of standard energy audits developed by the American Society of Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineers (ASHRAE).

Indoor Air Quality Consulting: Our staff can provide comprehensive Indoor Air Quality consulting services aimed at evaluating building systems and the indoor air quality of facilities being bought, sold, or re-financed.

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