Indoor Air Quality Surveys

Quality independent engineering and environmental consulting services

Our staff can provide comprehensive Indoor Air Quality services aimed at evaluating building systems (mechanical) and the indoor air quality of facilities being bought, sold, or re-financed. Our services can be used to determine the condition of the building systems and costs to implement corrective actions. We can provide proactive Indoor Air Quality Monitoring by performing periodic monitoring of HVAC system condition, maintenance, operating procedures, ventilation and potential contaminants to identify and prevent would-be indoor air quality problems. We can investigate complaints specific to the indoor environment, such as odors or health problems among building occupants. We can determine causes of these complaints and provide solutions to correct them. We can investigate and diagnosis operational or performance problems with mechanical building systems. Our services can include evaluation and design of building systems or programs to reduce utility costs. This increased operating cash flow can be “passed through to the bottom line” or used to improve other building performance issues. Typical projects might include energy audits, energy modeling, upgrading building automation systems, lighting retrofits, etc.

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